Channo Kamli Yaar di Critics Reviews

Channo Kamli Yaar di Critics Reviews

Channo Moviee Review

The much awaited movie “Channo Kamli Yaar Di” released this Friday on 19th Feb 2016. We are hearing good reports about this movie. Let’s check out what critics saying about this movie.
Channo Review by Box Office Punjab
Channo is an emotional journey of a pregnant girl (Neeru Bajwa) who went Canada to find her missing husband. Channo is an emotional type of movie more for people who love serious cinema. Neeru Bajwa and Beenu Dhillon are surely going to impress you with their power packed performance. Beenu Dhillon delivers his career-best performance. We all should support good punjabi cinema. This film deserves to get good response from audience. If you are tired of same kind of over the top comedy movies you must give chance to this movie.
Rating : 4/5

Channo Review By Jasmine Singh on Tribune India
Channo Kamli Yaar Di manages to strike chord with just two main characters, and countable other supporting cast. The film beautifully portrays the one-sided love of a person, and how far he can go in love. Director Pankaj Batra has done a neat job by using his two central characters, Neeru Bajwa and Binnu Dhillon, highlighting the unrequited relation without going overboard with it. This could be Binnu’s one of the best performances by far.
Rating : Three and a half stars

Channo Review By Shubham Bahukhandi on Dekh News
Well, people are not so excited for the movie but that doesn’t mean that movie has nothing to say movie is good for the serious type of audience and I think only that type of audience is going to attract towards the cinema.
Rating : 3/5

Channo Review by Filmi Café
Pankaj Batra does a great job here. Coming to the performances, Neeru Bajwa delivers an astounding performance. Binnu Dhillon, whom we have seen doing comedy for the last ‘I don’t know how many years’ completely transforms himself as the ‘One-Sided’ lover of Channo and delivers a powerful punch of a performance. Gripping screenplay has been backed by good dialogues and intense storyline.